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Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP)


What is the Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme?

The Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme (LCVP) can be described as a Leaving Certificate with a strong vocational/enterprise dimension.

What is its purpose and why was it introduced?

The primary goal is to prepare young people for adult life by ensuring that they are educated in the broadest sense, with an ability to cope and thrive in an environment of rapid change. Participants in the programme are encouraged to develop skills and competencies fundamental to both academic and vocational success.

Throughout the programme students are encouraged to

  • be innovative and enterprising
  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • adapt to changing circumstances
  • evaluate data and devise solutions to problems
  • communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively
  • work with others as part of a team
  • investigate and plan career options
  • use information and communications technologies
  • investigate local business and community enterprises
  • learn from their experiences

These skills and qualities are equally relevant to the needs of those preparing for further education, seeking employment or planning to start their own business. The use of active teaching and learning methodologies is encouraged in the LCVP.

What do students study in the LCVP?

Each student must take seven Leaving Certificate subjects, including one of the Vocational Subject Groupings (see table below) and two Link Modules (Preparation for World of Work and Enterprise Education).

The Link Module Preparation for the World of Work is designed to provide the student with a general knowledge of the world of work, the skills to find employment and experience in an adult working environment.

The Link Module Enterprise Education encourages students to identify enterprising skills, profile an entrepreneur, investigate business and community enterprises and set up their own enterprise projects as vehicles of learning.

Vocational Subject Groupings

Specialist Groupings

  1. Physics and Technology
  2. Home Economics and Biology
  3. Home Economics and Art
  4. Accounting or Business or Economics (any two)
  5. Physics and Chemistry
  6. Biology and Physics or Chemistry

Services Groupings

  1. Technology and Accounting or Business or Economics
  2. Home Economics and Accounting or Business or Economics
  3. Art and Accounting or Business or Economics
  4. Music & Business or Accounting or Economics

Typical LCVP Activities

  • Invited Visitors
  • Site Visits
  • Case Studies
  • Team Enterprises
  • Work Experience
  • Using Computers
  • Video Interviews

Link Modules Assessment

  • The Link Modules are assessed by written examination and portfolio.

LCVP Recognition

Institutes of Technology and Universities:-

  • Distinction 66 points
  • Merit 46 points
  • Pass 28 points

Link Modules – Results:-

  • Distinction 80% - 100%
  • Merit 65% - 79%
  • Pass 50% - 64%

In what ways will students benefit from taking the LCVP?

Students who take the LCVP will benefit in several ways. Through the programme’s focus on personal development they will be better able to:

  • communicate their thoughts and ideas effectively
  • take responsibility for their own learning
  • work as a team member who can cope with changing circumstances

Throughout the programme’s focus on the world of work they will have:

  • knowledge of the world of work
  • skills for job seeking
  • undertaken work experience or participated in work simulation

Through the programme’s focus on enterprise, business and technology they will:

  • be more innovative and enterprising
  • be used to working in teams
  • be familiar with setting up and running enterprises initiatives
  • have experience of using computers and audio-visual equipment

Through these benefits, LCVP students will be more employable. They will be in a better position to set up their own business. In addition, they will have skills and attitudes, which will enable them to be more effective learners in the future education they receive at third level.

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