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Senior Soccer

Senior Soccer

(12) St. Mary’s vs St. Oliver’s Drogheda (5)

Report by Niamh O’Carroll and Cara O’Toole

St. Mary’s senior soccer team take on St Oliver’s Drogheda in a cold and windy Peamount FC. The match kicks off at 11:25 with St. Marys taking tip. They work it well up field but St Oliver’s have a strong defence winning the ball back. 

Great goal scored by Orlagh Fitzpatrick in the third minute from a wonderful pass from Lucy O Rourke. Good save from goalie Ciara Waldron as St Oliver’s take their corner.

Good run from Lorena but results in a wide ball. Strong defence from Sianna Cawley and Eimear Glancy with good communication. Strong winds making it difficult to control the ball but Lorena doing great runs resulting in a corner for St. Mary’s. Beautiful second goal from Orlagh in the eighth minute!

Good defencing from Sophie Lawlor preventing a goal. Third goal from Lucy O’Rourke with a strong kick across goals five minutes later! Goal from St. Oliver’s in the 14th minute followed by another a minute later making the score 3-2.

Lorena passes the ball across the goal to be tapped in by Ella in the 18th minute! Great teamwork from St Mary’s.

Beautiful goal from Orlagh followed closely by another goal a couple seconds later from 40 yards out. Ciara working wonders in goals! Another goal for St. Mary’s making it 5-2! Great ball from Lucy O’Rourke to Ella Tobin resulting in another goal!

St. Mary’s win a penalty and Lucy Cahill takes and puts it in the back of the net. St. Oliver’s nearly get a goal but Eimear’s great defending keeps them out. Goal from St Olivers as they slip it past Ciara. Another good run from Lucy O’Rourke results in a corner but no success. Half time whistle blows at 12 with the halftime score 8-3 to St. Mary’s!

Second half starts at 12:09 and the wind picks up making the conditions not ideal. St. Oliver’s start strong getting a goal in the first minute. Ella is working hard and is doing a good job clearing the ball.

Leah McGovern comes on and scores a brilliant goal after a great assist from Lucy O’Rourke. Another two goals in the back of the net within minutes from Lorena and Orlagh. St.Oliver’s have made a couple more attempts and manage to sneak a goal above Ciaras head with minutes to spare but St. Mary’s fight back with a goal of their own! Overall St. Mary's dominated on the field, outplaying their opponents with their aggressive attacking and quick passes.

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