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GAA - Senior Football Match Report

GAA - Senior Football Match Report

St Marys V St Leos- 20/09/22 by School News Report Team

St Mary’s college and St Leo’s college met for a friendly senior match on the 20th of September in O’Hanrahans G.F.C. This was St Mary’s senior teams first match as a team. St Marys started off slow and St Leo’s unfortunately got a few points in until St Marys began their attack. St Mary’s became dangerous! They won the ball and used their great team work to get the ball down the pitch for Leah McGovern to make a breakthrough and score St Mary’s first point of the match in just the 7th minute. Unfortunately St Leo’s scored another goal although that did not put a stop to the St Mary’s team as they win back the ball! It was a long run up the pitch, as they reached the box Aoife Kenny took a shot and scored a goal bouncing back and threatening St Leo’s. St Leo’s scored 2 more points although St Mary’s defence line made it difficult with some great defending skills from that back line. This did not put a stop to the courageous St Mary’s team. Full forward player Aoife Kenny scored a fabulous point from just outside of the box. Not even 2 minutes later Aoife Kenny was back to score a phenomenal goal infront of the goals giving the St Leos keeper no chance.

St Mary’s now in the lead with 2-2 when Claudia Grey received the ball and made a remarkable run of the pitch and a superb pass to Leah McGovern who finished this fantastic play with a goal scored from the box putting pressure on St Leos keeper. St Mary’s playing a stormer of a match, Laura Dunlea won the ball from the keepers kick out moments after Leah’s fantastic goal. Laura ran the pitch with help from her teammates doing some one-twos and Laura made an excellent turnover to one of St Leos defenders, Laura then passed the ball to Alannah Prizeman just outside the box. Alannah finished this excellent play by putting the ball in the bottom left hand corner of the goals giving St Marys another amazing goal to add to their phenomenal scores so far.Unfortunately St Leos then won back the ball although St Mary’s keeper Ciara Waldron put an incredible stop to the St Leo’s player saving a goal. Although St Leo’s were awarded a penalty but that was nothing to Ciara Waldron saving another goal.

St Mary’s are now dominating the match when Leah McGovern who’s already been playing a stormer of a match along with Laura Dunlea run the pitch using their amazing teamwork and communication skills. Leah finished the play by scoring a fantastic point kicked straight over the bar. Only just moments later Alannah Prizeman was back on the ball with some great turnovers to the St Leo’s players as she goes on and scores St Mary’s another point. St Mary’s really testing the St Leo’s team ran the long length of the pitch with great defence from Lucy Cahill and Katelyn Dunne. The girls passed the ball to Leah McGovern at the half way line. Leah ran the pitch outrunning 2 St Leos players and scored a great point for St Mary’s. St Leos we’re feeling the pressure and began to attack back even stronger at St Mary’s and managed to score themselves a point, although St Mary’s put in a great effort to defend the ball. Ciara Malone only just got onto the pitch and already showing her remarkable teamwork abilities as she scored St Mary’s a point within a minute of being on. St Leos won themselves another penalty and this time they scored a goal. That didn’t put a stop to St Mary’s as Laura Dunlea wins back the ball and runs the full length of the pitch and finished her play by passing the ball to Leah McGovern. When Leah receives the ball she wastes no time as she kicks the ball from just outside the box and hits it high over the crossbar, rewarding St Mary’s with yet another point. Anna Carpenter who’s been playing a phenomenal game as are all the girls on this superb St Mary’s team, Anna receives the ball and played an excellent ball straight over the cross bar with that St Mary’s receive another point. As St Mary’s run the pitch with some excellent plays, they are given a free. Alannah takes the free with no fear and kicks the ball beautifully over the bar gaining St Mary’s yet another point from Alannah Prizeman.

With this streak for St Mary’s, St Leo’s speedy midfielder scores them another goal. Leah McGovern then played the ball in from centre midfield to player Abby Johnson who receives the ball and swiftly scores st Mary’s another phenomenal point. That wasn’t all from Abby Johnson although just moments later Saoirse O Gorman makes an excellent play leaving Abby with the space and time to score another glorious goal for the team leaving that the last play before the whistle blew for half time.

St Mary’s leading the second half the way they ended the first half putting pressure on the St Leo’s team. St Leos launched attack after attack at the St Mary’s goal receiving a few points to start threatening the St Mary’s team. St Mary’s had a free kick taken by Aibhe Halpin Graham who made a clean pass to Abby Johnson who freed herself up to then score yet another amazing point. Although St Leos fought back and scored themselves another 2 goals. Katie Harney and Ciara Malone fought back hard and sent pressure St Leos way with their great defence and amazing plays. Although St Leos weren’t stopping, they scored another goal.

St Mary’s really feeling the pressure now, they fought hard to win back the ball and play it up to Sophie Lawlor who scored an unbeatable goal in the bottom right hand corner of the goals. This was not the end of St Mary’s as Claudia Grey scores another excellent point. Moments later another point was scored by Leah McGovern. Another excellent play from Laura Dunlea and Leah McGovern although they lost the ball to St Leo’s player. Until Sophie Lawlor won back the ball and scored a magnificent point straight over the bar as the last score of the match leaving St Leo’s no time. The whistle blew and St Mary’s won 7-13 to 6-13.

Much to the delight of the excellent team! They very deservingly won the match with a goal in the difference. The whole team made an excellent effort and played exceptionally well together as a team.

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