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Mercy Leaders

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Mercy Leaders written by Chloe Glennon 3J

The Mercy leaders aim to live out and witness to the Mercy Ethos around St Mary’s College. They are a committed, close, and friendly community of students who work hard to uphold our school ethos. In the past year, the Leaders and their teachers have been involved in some fantastic events that benefited our school & wider society.

At the beginning of last year, just before the Mercy Day Mass, the Mercy Leaders handed out wooden rosary beads with a picture of the Divine Mercy image. These gifts were extra special considering the Mercy Leaders hand packed every single one.

Every Wednesday at 12.30 the Mercy Leaders meet for a chat, to plan future events, or even just to pray and get a few minutes of peace from the busy school day. It can be an extremely calming 20 minutes and quite the escape.

In the past year St Mary's Mercy Leaders worked closely with Mary's Meals, which is a charity that provides meals for children in their place of education throughout the underdeveloped world. The Mercy Leaders fundraised by organising the school's first ever Christmas Carol Service and they also sold pancakes to the school community on Pancake Tuesday. In conjunction with our Student council, and through the decorate a door competition, further funds were raised. In total over €2000 was raised for this amazing charity which I am sure you have heard about through the video you watched in your Religion class.

With the return to school in September our school community, staff and students faced new challenges, unprecedented ones. Ones none of the Mercy Leaders could have foreseen. The COVID-19 virus meant that we no longer had access to the prayer room, the room that we used for meetings in previous years. Thankfully, in recent weeks Mr Nolan has very kindly made the technology room available to us every Wednesday @12.30 and we are now eager to continue the hard work from last year.

This year's Mercy Day Mass was very different but a very special one for the Mercy Leaders. With COVID 19 regulations most students were unable to attend and the Mass was watched online by every class in the school. It was a great honour that the Mercy Leaders were invited to attend with social distancing. The occasion was made even more special with the Mass being concelebrated by Bishop Denis Nulty & Father Liam Morgan.

For the coming year, the Mercy Leaders hope to continue their fundraising work for Mary's Meals and possibly raise even more money whilst continuing to witness to the compassion and kindness of Catherine McAuley in our school community.

In this very challenging year, we would like to extend an invitation to all students to come along to one of our meetings at some point in the year, we meet every Wednesday @12.30 in room 29 (the technology room) in the McAuley building.


This year we began an exciting new initiative with Second Years. We invited students to take a more active role in living out our school ethos and traditions. To get started, students from each class were invited to become Mercy Leaders. The new role is about active involvement in organising and helping out with liturgical events and embodying the mercy ideals lived out by Sr. Catherine MCauley. So far, the Mercy Leaders have been involved in the preparations for our Mercy Mass and have also helped organise and promote a weekly prayer meeting in the Prayer Room. In a beautiful initiation ceremony on Thursday 12th October, Fr. Liam commissioned and blessed all of the Mercy Leaders in their role as ambassadors for the ethos of the school. All the best for the year ahead girls and very well done so far.

“On Thursday last, October 11th, I was commissioned as a Mercy leader by Fr. Liam Morgan in a blessing ceremony, in the Prayer Room. We prayed together and then Fr. Liam spoke to us about the year ahead. Afterwards, he blessed us individually by marking our heads with the sign of the cross and holy water. Photographs were taken to remember the ceremony. It was a very special event.”

Testimony by Croia Humphreys, 2nd Year Student and newly commissioned Mercy Leader.

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